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Crossing into the adorable wife of the indifferent Xianjun

Crossing into the adorable wife of the indifferent Xianjun

Brown sugar ginger Melon eaters: it's shocking that Xu Mochen, the God of the flower of kaolin, is arrogant on Fuyu mountain. He even told the three realms that he is going to get married. The immortal who hasn't come down to earth for thousands of years doesn't know who's interested in the girl of her family. She is so lucky that she can marry the God of Mochen, the head of immortals in the world eh, what's good about marrying him? It's a cold stone. I haven't laughed at it for thousands of years. I think whoever marries him will have bad luck what? It's said that the man who marries Tianzun is neither human nor immortal. Why can a girl of unknown origin capture Tianzun's heart? There must be "cat" among them.
Drunk medicine Fairy

Drunk medicine Fairy

Cherry chasing in late summer Fenglinglan, the first doctor of the Xuanmen, was reborn two years later and became a female slave who sold herself to bury her father something is wrong, everything is wrong her former teacher, the flower of kaolin with the world in mind, even began to think of her and obey her all the time... the scum lover of her previous life, even wanted to make every effort to add extra burden to her "Sir, can you lend me your best martial arts?" "take it." "Sir, your ten thousand year old Unicorn..." "give it to you." "sir... Liu Yi wants to be a burden to me." Yan Buyu took a deep breath after hearing this: "disciple, don't move here. Sir, go clean the door for your uncle Liu first..."
Bai Lingjiang

Bai Lingjiang

Autumn is pleasant It is said that there is a different dimensional world Wulin connected with the original world of the dimensional world. Almost everyone there has martial arts. In the original world, everyone yearns for Wulin, but everyone is afraid of it. Song Yingying, a Wulin girl framed by zongmen, is unwilling to die because of her blood feud. She reincarnates with art to the original world and knows the original girl Li Yixuan. By chance, song Yingying took Li Yixuan back to Wulin to meet her senior brother Bing Ling. A Jianghu storm opened the prelude with their arrival

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