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Back to 90, she just wants to get rich

Back to 90, she just wants to get rich

Back to 90, she just wants to get rich

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    Back to 90, she just wants to get rich
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    My family sells red oil
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    Happy Novel
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2023-02-11 03:34:15
Xiang Jin's mother had been married for less than two months, and her husband who went out to work died. Xiang Jin's mother was reluctant to give up her mother's dowry, so she tried to let her remarry her youngest son because of the family planning policy, in order to avoid fines, Xiang Jin was said to have been born by her mother and her ex husband as soon as she was born, so his mother naturally gave birth to a second child later Xiang Jin's "second uncle" had another love before his marriage. Maybe what he couldn't get was the best, so he didn't like them very much, let alone pay attention to them suddenly one day, Xiang Jin's nominal father came back in a suit and leather suit with his lovely wife their mother's situation in that family became more and more embarrassing. She gave Jin Xin a horizontal, told her mother to divorce, and then their two sisters followed her since then, self-reliance, making money to support the family and becoming rich has become the main goal of Xiang Jin's life however, in the process of becoming rich, the classmate she can meet anywhere suddenly came to the door one day, "why do you want to slip away like this when you steal my things?" Xiang Jin was short of breath and hardened her neck to argue, "Hey, isn't this a joke? Do you see a thief who steals things and doesn't run away? Is he still waiting for someone to catch it?" he is a beautiful man, Directly blocked her in the corner, "Oh, arrogant, I think you just don't clean up!"

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