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Young bachelor

Young bachelor

Young bachelor

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    Young bachelor
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2023-05-28 15:12:15
When university professors traveled to ancient times, they were crushed into a paralytic by the library they carried with them, and experienced what is called "the power of knowledge" if you want to stand up, you must complete the library borrowing task index, otherwise you will be at risk of paralysis again at any time with the knowledge of a library beyond the times, Jinggan accidentally became a famous female gentleman climb the temple, build a library, and seal up a bachelor the emperor asked her for advice with an open mind her colleagues adore her the people worshipped her like a God this taste is refreshing when your luck explodes, you can pick up the high-tech inventions left by your predecessors. The biggest treasure you have picked up is the beautiful boy who loves milk candy it's a pity that he is deaf, blind and dumb. He can't stand it. He looks good. Take him home decisively I think I'm a poor man. I don't think I'm a small man. I'm also sick and uncertain I'm not afraid. Her hypnosis is not for nothing. She's not good at it [female professor with high IQ and low EQ vs beautiful childe with dual personality] [1v1, Shuangjie, sweet pet]

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