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Manager Bai

Manager Bai

Manager Bai

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    Manager Bai
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    Bazi Bazi
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    Woske Novel
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2022-04-20 15:59:23
Clock, the global retail giant, started the rangefinder project, and an unprecedented super order in the industry emerged. Countless suppliers around the world were waiting for the opportunity to hear the news zhunjiao, an old manufacturer of rangefinder, is one of the most powerful competitors. It marched in four directions towards the order among the four teams, there are salesmen from the international business department, managers from the domestic sales department, domestic traders and foreign importers. These teams not only compete, but also have to cooperate, and only one will eventually swallow the bid. Therefore, they must try their best to seize resources in competition and cooperation, and use strategies and tricks in order to finally stand out among the immortals, white fog is the most famous one as a gold medal salesperson, she is the embodiment of beauty and talent and the crystallization of wisdom and courage. Her sales account for half of the whole company, more than the total sales of others combined however, in the workplace, experts are often envied. In the process of developing customers, her boss and colleagues create resistance one after another, which makes her Miss orders many times on the one hand, customers are picky, competitors are pressing step by step, and on the other hand, there are internal infighting and fighting in the same room. White fog finally resolved one by one with its superb sales ability and extraordinary personality charm, and finally won orders and continued to write a myth this article gives a panoramic view of the sales process and deeply reveals workplace politics. It is a documentary on sales and workplace.

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