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After losing a bet with the sick boss

After losing a bet with the sick boss

After losing a bet with the sick boss

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    After losing a bet with the sick boss
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    Peach blossoms bloom in troubled times
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    52weixin Books
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2023-03-02 18:07:13
In her previous life, Shen xuning always thought that being a good girl would have good fruit if she listened to her stepmother willingly obeyed the stepmother's arrangement and married the first scum man in Yuncheng on the wedding day, Shen xuning was betrayed by her family and caught off guard by her stepmother. She not only lost all the property left to her by her mother, but also was enslaved, humiliated and tortured by her mother-in-law's family after her rebirth, Shen xuning vowed not to be a good girl in that person's population. She wanted to be a slag tearing man, abuse her stepmother, and uncover all the masks of her half sisters didn't the eldest sister seduce her husband then she will find a reporter and give them a live broadcast of bridal chamber flowers and candles doesn't the second sister like Zhan Nanchen, the third son of the Zhan family, who just returned to Yuncheng she just wanted to grab this man let the second sister pick up what she doesn't want but... Zhan Nanchen's painting style is a little wrong What does he mean by smiling at her What does it mean to hold her hand it's a little too much to be engaged to her break her leg when she runs away from marriage SHEN xuning is a little counselled. Due to Zhan Nanchen's influence in Cloud City, she can only nod her head * Zhan Nanchen smiled gently and looked at Shen xuning. "I've finally caught up with you in this life." [sick, delicate and black man who is only affectionate to the female master vs the female master who is committed to tearing slag with his hands and putting revenge first]

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