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The alchemist wants to turn over

The alchemist wants to turn over

The alchemist wants to turn over

Rating: 9 / 10 from 122 ratings
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    The alchemist wants to turn over
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    GUI Youxi
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    Light Novel
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2022-09-24 13:06:43
"There is no shortage of alchemists in the world. On the contrary, it's an alchemist like you. Why do you think you can refine divine level pills!" it's this dream again... so she wants to go back and correct her name it's just that she felt confused about whether this strange world trip was doomed or coincidental. she didn't know until later that the people, things and several continents here were not like this a long time ago... the able live in it, the strong respect it, the law of the jungle and subdue people by force! she doesn't she wants to re-establish the rules of the world. She wants everyone to get rid of the oppression of power and make decisions for themselves... "fight against the whole world on their own, and we will accompany you." she looks at the people standing behind her, "thank you, it's nice to have you."

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