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Lord, did he chase his wife to the crematorium

Lord, did he chase his wife to the crematorium

Lord, did he chase his wife to the crematorium

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    Lord, did he chase his wife to the crematorium
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    Qingxuan ningya
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2023-05-29 09:49:40
Pretending to be sick and indifferent, Prince Yun Zijin married the stupid eldest Miss Liu ruohuan of the Shangshu family, but he didn't bother to look at her, because he knew that the princess was just a decoration to hide his identity on the wedding night, the princess hanged herself... on the palace hall the next day, the princess said that she was angry and separated, listing the prince's defects: sick, cowardly and stingy - the prince's indifferent face cracked: "..." when the Emperor approved the princess to return to her mother's house, the princess smiled happily: "vow to be single to the end!" the prince shed tears: "what should I do if I am despised by others?" Then... The prince chased the princess in his vest and asked for a favor! Please look at me! Please let me love you, pet you and raise you single princess: This... Who are you personal servant girl: the princess is rich and engaged in business. Don't read it brother in law: the princess is my sister. What do you want to kneel and lick Miss Jingcheng group: with the beauty and intelligence of the princess, the men who want to love her, pet her and raise her are lined up three miles away. Please don't jump in the queue and line up slowly Wang Ye's depressed face: it's so sad to be dumped by the same woman for two generations Wang Ye's painful face: I regret it. Now the tears are the water in my mind.

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