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Mr. Fu, you are the double

Mr. Fu, you are the double

Mr. Fu, you are the double

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    Mr. Fu, you are the double
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    Budding rabbit
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    Long Novel
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2022-12-05 17:05:50
After three years of marriage with Fu Hansheng, Jiang Ran has been working hard to play the role of Mrs. Fu in order not to jump people after Mr. Fu cheated on her, Mr. Fu's junior made trouble and she went to the police station to catch people of course, it's not unpaid to do this. Every time Jiang ran helps him dispose of a woman, he sells one thing from President Fu's house and deposits it in his own coffer finally, when she sold the last villa under President Fu's name, President Fu's white moonlight came back JIANG ran counted her coffers and waited for a divorce document to arrive... Fu Hansheng suddenly found his wife strange recently the text messages that interrogate him every day are gone, and he doesn't ask for a check. The antique calligraphy and paintings at home are gone, and even the villa has disappeared Fu Hansheng: Fu Hansheng used his trump card to shoot the divorce agreement in front of her sure enough, his wife, holding the agreement, was scared to cry president Fu expressed his satisfaction ************ one thought she didn't dare to sign, and thought about how to make it difficult for herself every day to accept her love without trace an anxious person sits and waits for signature, thinking about divorce, deletion, blackmail and old death every day Mr. Fu looked at his tearful wife and signed quickly Mr. Fu: Oh, I'm careless JIANG ran: Oh, you are free.

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