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The ending completion plan of wearing books

The ending completion plan of wearing books

The ending completion plan of wearing books

Rating: 9 / 10 from 14196 ratings
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    The ending completion plan of wearing books
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    Li geese
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    The One Book
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2023-05-26 05:30:55
I, a modern social animal, looked for a novel in the middle of the night and finally found the author eunuch in anger, he turned his eyes and came to the unfinished novel it also comes with a system comparable to Windows 98 I, on the other hand, must complete the ultimate task of the system, 'make up the ending!' well, it depends on my free play the protagonists have their own auras. Can I pick up a leak secretly on the way, cultivate an immortal, raise an apprentice, see the famous scenes, eat melons, and be carefree and comfortable a little apprentice who has a deep blood feud and vows to revenge, but was adopted by me a lofty immortal who believes that the way of heaven is irreversible and that evil spirits, people and immortals do not share the sky a demon who is the Supreme Master of the demon world, but insists on running to the cultivation world to stir up the wind and rain, and explodes his body when he disagrees a spirit beast who is also exterminated and is always on the verge of tyranny. Once it tyrannizes, it will not distinguish between the enemy and ourselves there is also a mysterious and strange soul body... I found it when I thought that all the others were abnormal people except my own disciples all these are illusions! All cuts are black this is not only to destroy the rhythm of heaven and earth, but also to break me into several pieces no one has ever told me why there is more and more wrong in the end. How can there be blackening... I thought I took all this as a 'game', playing strange, upgrading, and passing the customs I don't know, I'm already in it

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