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She is beautiful and SA

She is beautiful and SA

She is beautiful and SA

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    She is beautiful and SA
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    Black curtain
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    Free Novel
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In the previous life, for the crying mother who wanted to meet her husband every day, she obediently obeyed father slag's wishes and became a paving stone in his official career, but she was brazenly harmed by him. One rainy night, she quietly left the world after rebirth, she looked at the woman who cried every day and missed father slag and muttered to herself, this life, If I can't change you, I'll give up. I've paid back your birth and breeding kindness in my previous life. I met the male Lord, the little prince, and met the female Lord. Looking at the little girl with facial paralysis at a young age, I said "little girl, you're very interesting. I don't need anything. I don't need you." before I finished, the female Lord looked at him coldly, Suddenly a rude remark came out, "you lack your uncle, and you are even more immoral" the little prince was encircled. "I don't lack your uncle. I think you have a full heaven and an auspicious face. It's better to be your pet. If you really bring good luck to me, I will allow your father to have high officials and high salaries" The hostess turned her eyes and said, "what if it brings bad luck?" "Then let your father become a poor man with nothing. Your family drinks the West and north wind" the female Lord hooked her lips, "that's a good idea. The northwest wind is good. You can think about it" the little prince smiled at the corner of his lips, and the orchids curled up and gave her a charming wink. "Then go with me." When the hostess saw him like this, she trembled in her heart biting her back teeth and spitting out a word, "you two sons, how far you give me and how far you roll."

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