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Movie king s psychologist

Movie king s psychologist

Movie king s psychologist

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    Movie king s psychologist
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    Yu Yue
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    Garden Novel
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2023-05-26 00:09:25
Belly black movie emperor and kind psychologist. Recently, movie emperor Mu Shen frequently went to and from a hospital. He was still in the Department of psychology. As soon as the news came out, he suddenly occupied the microblog hot search. Many people said that movie emperor Su Mu was crazy and crazy. As Su Mu's psychologist, his teeth are itching with anger at these comments. How can they spread rumors and nonsense like this. Su Mu looked at ouyangxi's angry face and said with a spoiled smile: "I'll have a press conference. How about you clarify it for me?" ouyangxi nodded. It's no problem. She absolutely protects his patient. At the press conference, the reporter pressed Su mu. When Ouyang Xi was trying to stand up and give them scientific psychological knowledge, Mu Shen suddenly took her hand and said, "I'm not sick. My wife works there and misses her every day, so I can't wait to live in the hospital." Ouyang Xi looked puzzled and was pulled to marry Mu Shen. Ouyangxi asked angrily, "what's going on?" Su Mu: "literally."

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