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Back to the day we first met

Back to the day we first met

Back to the day we first met

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    Back to the day we first met
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    Traveling around is boring
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    Lava Novel
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2023-05-25 23:01:14
If you had the opportunity to go back, which year would you choose to go back youth is short and fleeting. Do you regret him or her do you remember the feelings you never said and the responses you didn't get everyone has had youth. In those years, we look forward to it warmly, struggle hard, and some childish behaviors seem to be in our memory she said that if I go back to the past, I will no longer be careful to fall in love secretly. I will make up for the regrets of friendship and family affection in the past one by one he said that if I go back to the past and swallow those words, I will bravely tell her that I will no longer have regrets and try to be her light once, we may think that we have wrongly used some ways to make youth regret. Do we really no longer regret from the beginning there is no mistake in youth, only a sincere, warm and possibly imperfect feeling, but they are all our most precious memories her name is Gu Jun his name is Xu Qian a modest gentleman is as gentle as jade.

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