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Nimble space

Nimble space

Nimble space

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    Nimble space
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2023-04-20 16:59:46
Beyond reality, there are four seemingly non overlapping parallel worlds - a human world similar to reality, an alien world with developed science and technology and rich people, a northern country with beautiful scenery and a mysterious sleeping space. A young man came to the world with hatred for mankind under the call of the alien alliance leader to implement his great plan. The two girls came to the other world by mistake to explore and intersect with people in the other world. Finally, the era of peace in the foreign world began again, and they didn't know that they were brewing a troubled world a hundred years later< br>...... is fate doomed? No one knows. Only stargazers know how to explore the truth< br>...... maybe we are just a bunch of meat that looks self-conscious. To put it mildly, walking dead, walking dead that can't even feel death tip: this work has nothing to do with the real world and the works of other authors. If there are similarities, it is pure coincidence.

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