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Evening breeze caresses min

Evening breeze caresses min

Evening breeze caresses min

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    Evening breeze caresses min
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    Xu Lian
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    Happy Read
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2023-03-27 15:40:53
Yu Jing met Jiang Wan and saw ten thousand years. The teenager is always indomitable. He never thought about who he would live with in the future, nor did he think that someone would appear in his life and make him want to spend his life with her, because he thought these things were very troublesome, but fortunately, he got his wish. He doesn't understand these, but is willing to accompany her girl to try to accept these, is willing to become her harbor, and is willing to spend his life with her to discuss "love"< Br> "Xiao Jing, in view of your good performance, I decided to reward you with a kiss."< Br> Jiang Wan, alone, came to a strange city to study. She originally wanted to live a complete campus life, but she met a young man. The young man was in full bloom and high spirited, which gave her a reliable harbor in this big city. Jiang Wan never imagined that she would be with the boy who looked very "good" in the photo. Maybe it was the nourishment of love that made her sick< Br> the heart of teenagers can always be remembered< Br> but at that time, they all had the courage to love, so that after separation, they still loved< Br> the ending is he.

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