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Savior, she took the villain s script

Savior, she took the villain s script

Savior, she took the villain s script

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    Savior, she took the villain s script
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    Idle return
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    Redhouse Novel
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2023-03-27 13:43:12
The three realms are peaceful. Jiang Yu has lived safely on Xuyun mountain for many years. Her mother suddenly asked her to make trouble, stirring up the situation in the three realms< Br> according to the legend, the devil who can stop children crying at night is her Godfather; According to the legend, the demon king who controls thousands of demons and has profound cultivation is also her Godfather< Br> as for the famous blind immortal in the human world, it is said that he once had a grudge against her mother. He was closed for 20 years. Once he left the pass, his eyes were just right, and her mother immediately asked her to deliver a fatal blow for him< Br> we should not only destroy the immortal's body, but also get close to the best seedlings of his sect and turn him into his own< Br> Jiang Yu, as a peace loving member of the three realms, felt that his mother's life was difficult to violate, and on the one hand, he did not want to see the three realms go to war. He hesitated to buckle the jade pendant that was said to be attached with the array that would cost xianzun half his life. He only sent a mocking letter, and decided to find another less obvious way to vent his anger for her mother, but he didn't expect the other party to take the letter and read it for a long time, and still almost a mouthful of blood sprayed her face, and her eyes were red with anger, Hold the letter and stare at her< Br> Jiang Yu:< Br> her mother didn't say there was an array on the letter ยท Yuan Heng saw Jiang Yu for the first time. She stood on the magic spirit, but she was like a goddess coming to the world, not stained with dust< Br> the second time I saw her was in the secret place. He wanted to learn the words and sentences he had learned all his life and wanted to resolve the embarrassing atmosphere, but unexpectedly, the other party grinned: "husband."< Br> Yuan Heng didn't react well, from the tip of his ears to his neck.

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