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Empty city and old dreams

Empty city and old dreams

Empty city and old dreams

Rating: 9 / 10 from 6508 ratings
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    Empty city and old dreams
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    Tea smoke if nine
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    Canela books
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2023-03-27 13:45:34
Some memories were obliterated by time and returned to time; Some stories, forgotten by the season, were prepaid to LiuNian< Br> the world of your and my childhood is very small, and the memories of your and my childhood are all those family and friends who accompanied me stumble along the way... [originally, I was an idle person in the apricot yard, full of alcohol. I sat down by the pond to watch fish, and my eyebrows were filled with fireworks, living a wanton childhood.]< Br> -- Zou Qianxi after growing up, everyone ran forward desperately, chasing their dreams and moving forward< Br> left behind, is the old grandmother full of missing and sad eyes. She stood there slowly, watching generation after generation of children leave... an old dream in the empty city is only the memory of Zou Qianxi, a past that she misses but can never go back to. The childhood in her dreams day and night will not be forgotten< Br> it seems not far from childhood and the past, only separated by a thin layer of dream, but it can't go back [watching the people in the play, you will feel the sunset] there is no eternity in the world, for fear of forgetting the past. If memory has no sound, then I hope to write memory into a book, retain the past and bid farewell to the past< Br> when I was a child, the watch painted on my wrist didn't go, but it took away most people's best time.

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