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Look up to hell

Look up to hell

Look up to hell

Rating: 9 / 10 from 8702 ratings
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    Look up to hell
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    Don't provoke Huainan
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    Day Books
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2022-12-13 09:40:05
Looking at the thirty-three palaces, the highest one is only Li Hentian looking at the three realms, whether it is the thirty-three God days or the eighteen hell, they have performed their respective duties for thousands of years. They have accumulated good deeds and virtues during their lifetime. Those with boundless merit and virtue have soared to the thirty-three God days and ranked in the immortal class. They do all kinds of evil. Those who are full of evil have entered the eighteen hell, and their souls suffer from eighteen people who have been dead for many years have been reborn. They vow to climb the lihentian and kick the door of the dourate palace. No matter what God he is, all life is the ups and downs of our Lord. But... Nine times out of ten, I've thought about everything, but I didn't think about provoking this ice lump. Hey!

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