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My blackened host is beauty

My blackened host is beauty

My blackened host is beauty

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    My blackened host is beauty
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    Qinggu drinking wine
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    Wind Book
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2022-07-28 09:19:29
Contract a new host, and a super plug-in came. I thought I was a cold beauty, but I didn't know I was a super dark devil! Jinke was in tears: "it's difficult for Tongsheng..." rebirth, crossing, mission. All the foreign women with cannon fodder who robbed of their luck will eventually disappear. The delicate and beautiful girl carries the corners of her eyes, and the cinnabar on her forehead and heart is as bright as blood: "who dares to deceive me, mistress?" She shuttles through countless planes and pours out the peerless beauty of the world with an absolutely fierce attitude the great God of E-sports has a cool temperament: "fly with you." the lady of the aristocratic family is as gentle as jade: "Miss, can you tell me your name?" abstinence officer Ku SA disciplined himself: "Hello, miss, from now on, you need to be my person for a while." ruthless immortal Zun looked lazy: "martial nephew, I have a plot for you, do you understand?" however, No matter how many faces she shuttles, she can always meet such a person. She is jealous and crazy, and her obsession is unforgettable< *** Br > [super a super SA demon king Yu Nan vs mysterious disease charming hero] 1v1, the full text is healthy in body and mind, and double cleanliness is an absolute guarantee. Welcome to the pit ~

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