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Princess, she is a god of wealth

Princess, she is a god of wealth

Princess, she is a god of wealth

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    Princess, she is a god of wealth
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    Don't ask your heart
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    Daily Novel
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2022-07-11 05:07:23
Ling Yue is a modern soul reborn. She lived in Hejia village in Licheng County for 14 years before she remembered her previous life< Br> there is also something that claims to be a system< Br> Ling Yue: "wealth system?..."< Br> system: "... HMM."< Br> since then, Lingyue has started her entrepreneurial era, and there have been all kinds of strange things in the small Licheng county< Br> the passing caravan looked at the wooden round wheel bouncing up and down with a rope in a child's hand, and said in surprise: "what is this? I have never seen such a magical round wheel in the north and south of the river, and I can bounce up and down!"< Br> a passer-by grabbed: "Hey, don't you know? This is the most popular toy recently released by Taotao Youbao. It's called yo yo."< Br> Caravan: ".... another child nearby was holding a wooden square in his hand and kept twisting. He passed by the Caravan:" what is that? "< Br> passerby: "Hey, that's a new magic cube from Taotao Youbao. It's also a toy for children."< Br> Caravan: "is taotaoyoubao selling children's toys?"< Br> passerby: "no, they have so many strange things, such as thermos bottles, music boxes, water closets, and what bicycles they sell recently... Alas, in a word, only you can't think of it. They don't have it."< Br>... Wei Zheng, who was preparing for dinner as usual, looked at the big iron bucket on the table and said, "what is this?"< Br> Chi Xiao: "Hui Shizi, this is a warm lunch box prepared for you by the imperial concubine who hasn't gone through the door."< Br> Wei Zheng, whose ears were red, was serious: "I'm not a princess. I'm talking nonsense."

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