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Illusion of prosperity

Illusion of prosperity

Illusion of prosperity

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    Illusion of prosperity
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    Flawed elegance
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    Free Novel
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2022-06-23 07:54:28
A "drama" of offering sacrifices fell behind the scenes, and the well-designed "bureau" was finally pushed to a climax< Br> what is a qualified scam? What is total deception? Gather all the people together and watch a play of "joys and sorrows" outside the Bureau< Br> "I am an outsider, but I am a WTO member."< Br> "even though I lie a lot, I never want to hurt myself."< Br> "although I am indifferent, I have never thought of cheating."< Br> but the world is so absurd< Br>ps: most of the characters have unsound personalities, and they can redeem each other< Br>pss: history is overhead. The article is purely fictional. It has nothing to do with history. Please do not substitute it< Br> not a cool article, not a big lady reading speed is not suitable for too fast Liuqiu × Rongyuan 1v1