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Summer hurts, spring winter mourns autumn

Summer hurts, spring winter mourns autumn

Summer hurts, spring winter mourns autumn

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    Summer hurts, spring winter mourns autumn
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    The milk is cold
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    The One Book
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2022-04-08 15:12:48
(the female leader of this article is crazy about teasing God. The king doesn't know it. She wants to kill God when she comes back from disaster. Two way secret love + vinegar flavor) 70000 years ago, she didn't hesitate to use the yuan God as a guide to Nirvana and burn the whole heaven and earth after 70000 years, she has gone through the reincarnation of all ages. God returns and vows revenge she said: Six borders, nine states and eight wastelands. I want to kill him. Who can stop me she said: you should never be the one who moved my heart the wind blows away, the moon is hidden, the stars are dim, and his Phoenix eyes droop slightly the long eyelashes covered the sadness and longing for joy, and only gently called out: "ah Chu." ----------------- in a moment, the person to be killed was in a trance and confused, and the face at the end of winter overlapped with each other. the only thing engraved into my heart was that the Phoenix eyes were still full of deep-rooted love.

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