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Shi Li

Shi Li

Shi Li

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    Shi Li
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    Worry free heart
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2022-05-21 01:49:26
"I" had a very strange dream. In the dream, I was a young divorce, a frustrated loser in middle age, and later lost my only family. This series of blows made me feel that living is pain, and finally chose suicide. Then I went back to my middle-aged and young age. Different stories happened, and then the story was over. "I" woke up and sighed about the reality of the dream. I was generally amazed at why I had such a strange dream, but I didn't figure it out then what is more strange is that people in the dream appear next to "me" one after another. Originally, their stories ended in some kind of tragedy. Finally, they ended in a happy ending, which makes "I" have to doubt the authenticity and accuracy of the dream. At the same time, I began to look forward to, but I was afraid of, how will "I" end, whether it will fail like a dream, or whether it will end perfectly like the story.