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My Mr. a Nian

My Mr. a Nian

My Mr. a Nian

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    My Mr. a Nian
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    S is a waste ghost
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    The One Book
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2022-05-19 09:43:40
The day of parting is on the mountain, and the meeting again is also on the mountain when I came to the mountain where I had separated, I saw the girl I knew "designer sun, long time no see!" "you are finally willing to come back, song Huainian!" they accompanied each other to climb the mountain and heard that she was going to work in her own city let nature take its course and give up your spare room to start living together at this time, ah Nian's heart pounded, because he had liked her before, and he knew that now he had a chance but a wooden head. How can you tell it's just to ask a good friend for help, but when you meet a pig teammate, you finally confess that you have become a big oolong she still agreed. She promised to become her girlfriend and Mrs. song "finally married you!" "a Nian, the original wooden head has become my Mr. Song."