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Ten thousand beast Dynasty Phoenix

Ten thousand beast Dynasty Phoenix

Ten thousand beast Dynasty Phoenix

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    Ten thousand beast Dynasty Phoenix
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    Feather fan painting water
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    Novel 520
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2022-05-17 19:02:09
Qi, ten thousand strong fighting beasts war, endless demons outside the territory "when your heart is mighty, your sword is mighty, but when your heart is not mighty... Is the sword still mighty?" flaunt the Star World War, the peak friars of the Terran face their hometown and sit down calmly! Leave a word that seems indecipherable the struggle for supremacy, the heavenly choice of monks, the kindling of Taoism, the ancient legacy, traveling to the eight poles, silver bones and rattan flowers... there has always been a voice in my heart "who are you?" "I plunder, I give, I kill and I guard." "I am the past, present and future, I am the devil's little!" ---------------------------------- profile: really small (hostess): I think I am a country cook, or a pot of dead pot. Who knows that my biological father is a God and devil, and my adoptive father is a big man, Is a best friend a thigh Zihuan (the girl's best friend): I've sealed my heart for a lifetime. I've broken my skills for the sake of debris flow SHEN xuezhou (little congee, Jiao PI, male owner): I think I'm high and cold, but since I was stupid - it's great to lose my idol burden Mo Lixue (one of the two supreme masters of Dongling): the dead body is great, and the living soul is a professional flatterer shenwujiang (one of the two supreme masters of Dongling): harm, Haoran righteousness for a lifetime, forced by life, pit a wave of people before leaving ----------------------------------------------- the simplest version of the advertisement: the fallen demon princess, the Jedi set foot on the ancestral road again, the immortal punished the family, and I asked the immortals to be buried for more surprises, see