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How could he be a demon

How could he be a demon

How could he be a demon

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    How could he be a demon
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    Mulberry elm
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    Long Novel
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2022-07-01 16:30:18
A childish and proud wife is in charge of the strict devil and the male master × In the house of Xiao Chengying, a martial arts nun, there is a husband Xiao bailing who doesn't go to the house to uncover tiles for three days if she hadn't seen him beautiful and beautiful, she wouldn't have married him in a hurry it's a great sorrow that a weak man with no strength to bind a chicken married the first martial artist of Lingyun mountain sect and the leader of Yingchun peak with pride after only half a year of marriage, the birds fly and the dogs jump every day on the Yingchun peak, and Xiao bailing's wailing and screaming can be heard all the time the teenager stood on the roof, angrily pointed at the woman in the yard and shouted, "Xiao Chengying, I warn you, don't rely on me to indulge you, you will be lawless." Xiao Chengying frowned and took off a shoe. "Tell me again!" "I... ouch!" Before he could say anything, the boy wailed, and the shoe had hit him in the face accurately until one day, Tianzu led people to encircle Lingyun mountain sect and force Xiao Chengying to hand over the demon Ling Yunle Xiao Chengying narrowed his eyes and looked at the nervous young man beside him, "who do you say? This second goods is the devil?" Xiao bailing: "I'm not second rate!!!"

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