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Showdown! Gao Leng asks me for a hug every day

Showdown! Gao Leng asks me for a hug every day

Showdown! Gao Leng asks me for a hug every day

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    Showdown! Gao Leng asks me for a hug every day
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    Xi Zihan
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    Happy Read
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2023-05-03 00:37:10
Leng SA, a woman whose background is not obvious and she can only make a living by working, is said to have a mean character. I don't know what means she entered the highest University in D everyone flocked to her and looked coldly at her. Who knows, it is this humble poor household. I don't know when to start, surrounded by a group of people from all over the world who have made great achievements in various fields a world-famous doctor: "Miss Leng, please be kind and let me worship you as a teacher." famous Hollywood movie star: "Sasha, my baby, can you invite you to guest play in my new play? It's a pity that you are so beautiful that you don't enter the entertainment industry." at this time, a little boy glared at these people with a gloomy face: "go away, go away, this woman only belongs to me!" the next second, the little boy raised his handsome face and stretched out his hand to the woman: "warm treasure, hug ~" ---------------------------- d heard that the young master of the Secretary's family had seen the head but not the tail. It is said that he was not close to women, he was cold and resolute, and acted vigorously one sunny afternoon, a woman snuggled up in a man's arms and looked at a picture with a smile Si Dashao: nuanbao, do I look good in the photos lengsa: Yes, you were more lovely when you were a child Si Dashao: I was cute not only when I was a child, but also now lengsa: really Si Dashao: of course, wife, please hug ~

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