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White cut black fairy. She s playing good again

White cut black fairy. She s playing good again

White cut black fairy. She s playing good again

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    White cut black fairy. She s playing good again
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    Green silk sugar
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    Cool Novel
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2022-07-09 09:42:42
Lin Shiqing said casually with a smile, "what are you nervous about? I'm not a bad person." Jiang yubai listened to the man's sweet voice with tail tone, and only felt that it was meaningless. I thought: I'm really not a bad person, but a demon with deep Taoism * small theater 1: one day, the hot post on the university campus forum was that Jiang Xiaohua's mechanic boyfriend drove her to school in a small broken car, and there was a picture of the truth there will be a reply with a lot of praise soon below: one said one, school flower boyfriend looks very good. A few second video is also attached. In the video, a long and noble man is carefully protecting the girl in pink dress to get off the bus a pair of naturally affectionate peach blossom eyes look at the girl in front of you. No one can see the man's doting and full of love for the girl * small theater 2: when you see the super learning God who is giving a speech to them and graduated with a double degree in only two years in the world's top famous schools, it is also a young talent who invented Quantum Remote Sensing Technology and gave it to the country free of charge, that is, the boyfriend of the school flower's down-to-earth car repairman people feel their faces ache, and the clown is themselves. God is just a mechanic. That's the real boss [real white, beautiful, delicate and soft rich fairy vs fake jade, lazy, expensive and down-to-earth repairman] this is a sweet love story between a real big man and a man who is mistaken for a down-to-earth repairman and a white and black fairy who looks like a clever Buddha.

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