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The wind stopped in the old forest

The wind stopped in the old forest

The wind stopped in the old forest

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    The wind stopped in the old forest
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    Gu Yuanxi
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    Light Novel
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2023-01-25 01:04:52
Who's Pei Chi? It is said that he is the illegitimate son of the Pei family in the capital. He is the least favored of the Pei family. He is cold and arrogant, resists people thousands of miles and is disgusted by people who is Ling Gu? I know this. She is the only princess of the Ling family in the capital. She has both literary talent and literary talent. She is knowledgeable, reasonable and gentle. It is the first love of the whole network and the national daughter in this way, two people who couldn't hit each other, but they came together... * a press conference reporter: Miss Ling, you have such a bright future and a bright future. Why are you with a black man like Pei Ershao Ling Gu looked up at Pei Chi: are you... Black Pei Chi does not hide: Yes reporter: Miss Ling did not know about it and was cheated Ling Gu ponders: it seems so when the whole network was in an uproar, Ling Gu said again: "I'm willing to be cheated. After all, I started with, became loyal to and loyal to him." the reporter died the whole network collapses * the scorching sun was just right that year, so ling was interested, and Pei Chi was deeply in love chi Yu thinks of Gu Yuan, which means Pei Chi thinks of Ling Gu, amazing the time and gentle the years.

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