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After rebirth, this husband belongs to me

After rebirth, this husband belongs to me

After rebirth, this husband belongs to me

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    After rebirth, this husband belongs to me
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    Nine analysis
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2022-05-21 15:00:31
It is well known that the third childe of Gu family hates the eldest lady of Mu family. But no one knows that he is willing to do everything for her... in her previous life, she is the queen, and he has become her prisoner. She said, "the most regretful thing in my life is to know you." time comes again inadvertently. In this life, I do what you want in order to find the person behind the scenes, he gave up his favorite books, paintings, zither and chess and practiced fencing hard. Since then, there has never been the third childe of the family who is as elegant as an immortal after repeated secret protection, he realized that the chess game played by the person behind the scenes was so big that he and she were both chess pieces and had already entered the chess game fate goes round and round. After all, she has a lot of fate with him "Mr. Gu, you're all right." (the outline of this article has been completed and the detailed outline has been drawn up. For the follow-up, please look forward to it!)

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