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Ye Shao, don t be unkind

Ye Shao, don t be unkind

Ye Shao, don t be unkind

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    Ye Shao, don t be unkind
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    A silent uncle
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    Wine Novel
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2023-06-08 08:40:57
[President of food fairy x ainaobu] Ye Yunqing was happy soon. Bai Zhili gave him his Millennium demon pill Ye Yunqing cursed angrily and wanted a divorce, which dragged her to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Ye Yunqing: "we want a divorce." Bai Zhili:... Pick up the knife, chop it and carry it home after uncovering the monster's plot, ye Yunqing began to regret why he had to travel and work overtime after a year of marriage, or had a strange dream in bed Ye Yunqing was wronged( ) Bai Zhili: "haven't we been sleeping together?" Ye Yunqing: "our bed is two meters and five meters." Later, I don't know why the bed didn't sleep enough... she is a pear blossom essence who has been practicing for 2000 years. In modern society, she has no aura and can only burn cultivation to survive. on the surface, he is the young master of Ye's group, a domestic business giant, but behind his back, he is her gardener. he irrigates diligently, one day, "madam?" Bai Zhili, a pear blossom, turned around. his wife... Blossomed!

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