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Weaving a dream will be round

Weaving a dream will be round

Weaving a dream will be round

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    Weaving a dream will be round
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    Stars and carefree grass
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    Air books
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2022-05-17 00:04:06
The Jianghu world is divided into three regions: the northern region, the Central Plains and the Nanman region, of which the largest region is the Central Plains. There are seven families, Wulin League and a Jianghu cultivator. The strength of Jianghu practitioners can be divided into six realms: the mortal realm, the spiritual realm, the immortal realm, the heavenly realm, the emperor realm and the emperor yuan realm. Each boundary is divided into three orders: first order, middle order and high order. The high order is sometimes called the peak. Each stage has three segments: the initial segment, the middle segment and the rear segment emperor yuan realm is the most powerful realm in the whole Jianghu, but it has not appeared for thousands of years. The northern region of the Jianghu is located in a place called TianShuang Island, but a person with full potential was born