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Survival desire of fast wear system

Survival desire of fast wear system

Survival desire of fast wear system

Rating: 9 / 10 from 6353 ratings
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    Survival desire of fast wear system
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    Xia Mu's family has ink
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    Passion Novel
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[no CP] Yan jiuxia is dead and his soul is broken to pieces the time and space alliance hollowed out her old background in order to deceive her to save herself system 001: I am the elite system No.1. Bind me and I will revive you Yan jiuxia looked at the little thing in front of him and crushed it with one finger time and space alliance:... the newborn system forced to top the pot: I feel cold at any time, QAQ in order to survive, the small system has applied for a subsystem for itself, and every world quietly sends golden fingers to the big guys therefore, the king of Xia not only has to save himself and fulfill the original owner's wish, but also guard against obstacles from time to time Yan jiuxia: ZZ System: Hey, boss, your little intellectual disability is here~

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