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Quick wear cannon fodder second Survival Guide

Quick wear cannon fodder second Survival Guide

Quick wear cannon fodder second Survival Guide

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    Quick wear cannon fodder second Survival Guide
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    Yu Sheng
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    Hotel novel
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2022-05-06 10:27:29
Once he crossed, he was struck by thunder and turned into a vicious female companion. The most unbearable thing is...... "I want to rob a man with the female owner!" "it's not for you to rob the male owner. The male two belong to everyone." "the sick male two love who wants." it was a sunny afternoon. Li Mai walked well on the campus, However, she was accidentally struck by thunder and crossed a woman with the same name and surname. She was also entrusted with the task of raiding the second man do it or not of course not "host, if you don't do it, you'll never go back!" "you! You're cruel!.... let's see how the heart girl can attack the sick and charming man two...... "don't touch me! Disgusting! I'll kill you myself one day!" "ah, don't always think about killing me. The days are still long, and you still have a chance. Fill your stomach first?" ...... "if you go out to attract bees and butterflies again, I'll break your leg!" "don't you hate me most, why bother me." ...... "your purpose was to kill me at the beginning. Now, I can help you." "no!" ...... "girl, how can you be willing to leave a person when you are full of eyes?" "Grandpa mu, you're wrong. He never loved me. I was the only one in the play from beginning to end..."