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Bamboo fragrance is cool and beautiful

Bamboo fragrance is cool and beautiful

Bamboo fragrance is cool and beautiful

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    Bamboo fragrance is cool and beautiful
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    Step career
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    Weixin Book
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2022-01-16 05:01:39
The king family leader was born by destiny. He is actually the son of the God of heaven and is in charge of the world. The Rouran family has pure blood. They have been guarding the king's family leader for generations. With blood as the contract, they vow to be loyal to death! The saint has a more unique existence. The master is gentle. She is not limited to the king family and is only born for the master of the family five hundred years ago, Naise, the most gifted saint in Rouran's history, broke through the ancestral precepts and fell in love with Jing Chen, the master of the Jing family, who was famous all over the world at that time. Once the fetters of fate are involved, how can they be cut off? Heaven forbids, and fate is difficult to break. In that case, we can only change our fate against the sky the sky is covered with snow, ten miles of red makeup and ten miles of peach. Even if the cage of destiny can't be broken, you still don't believe in the way of heaven, don't believe in destiny, don't remember the past and don't ask for the afterlife. You just want to hold your son's hand and stay with you in this life after 500 years, the fatalistic cycle starts again he is the admiration of amazing talent, his Highness the king of Chen! But he is also the most unpopular and displaced seven princes in Linxia. And she, the long Princess of the winter moon country, is famous all over the world! He has been favored by the world since he was a child. His cold and charming temperament and brilliant face are unparalleled in beauty dressed in white, you have no trace in the snow, your pride is unparalleled in the world. When you first saw your poetic and picturesque face, you lived in the bottom of your heart and shocked the time... When did you meet it's a 12-year-old's life-saving grace on the battlefield; Or the fallen prince saved as a child, dusty past; Or across time and space, beyond life and death, just for a glimmer of vitality

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