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Hibiscus dyeing

Hibiscus dyeing

Hibiscus dyeing

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    Hibiscus dyeing
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    Ci Che Qinglan
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This is a story of maintaining the original heart in the mediation of the court I was weak and ill since childhood. At the age of 11, my master was copied, my father died at the age of 13, and my family property was robbed. At the age of 14, my mother took my illegitimate daughter back to the house. At the age of 15, I took refuge in the female emperor after that, I will facilitate the mediation of the imperial court, shovel rape for her and make the sharpest sword in her hand but my experience is still shallow, and I don't know the treachery of human nature in the end, you become blind and lose all your martial arts I am dedicated to the people and have suffered so much that my dream can not come true but what can I do I'm just a little princess, trying to survive in the eyes of wolves and tigers I will set my mind for heaven and earth and set my life for the living people the treacherous officials hated me very much the world is so big that only the word fame and wealth moves people but I don't know, it's too clever to calculate everything. On the contrary, it killed Qingqing it's like a building tilting, and it's like a light going out [this article is Machiavellian / female / dark / literary, and those who mind are not allowed in] [female master Qiu Jinliang, Zhenggong Chu Ziran] PS copy is before rebirth, the first two chapters of this article are before rebirth, and the third chapter is after rebirth. Slow down in the first few chapters, just the back. Don't abandon the pit.

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