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She wants to eat and die

She wants to eat and die

She wants to eat and die

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    She wants to eat and die
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    Junbenjia wine
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    Garden Novel
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2023-05-25 22:42:06
Wen Chu's greatest ideal is to eat and die, but she died before she mixed up... Wen Chu: can't bear it System: calm down. In the task world, you can still eat and die Wen Chu: it seems reasonable... But why didn't the system tell her that she dressed up as an entertainment star! Or the black and red one System: drop! Task release, reverse the original image Wenchu: sharpen the knife to the system... one day, the black fans found that she didn't do it??? Not only did she stop, she also... Started fishing, drank tea, and shared with her fans what kind of medlar tea was the best to drink at the beginning, black fans: finally know that they can't stay in the entertainment industry! Start giving up! Just know! Leave the circle early later, black fans: father Wen, there are still peach blossom amulets! Ask for some more one day, a movie king posted on his microblog: who saw the spell given to me by Wen Chu? Return the trouble you found. Thank you netizen:????

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