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Who let me into the law

Who let me into the law

Who let me into the law

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    Who let me into the law
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2022-05-21 15:38:48
Law test, CPA and national test are the three tests that claim to make fresh students invincible in the job search process. If you have all three, you will have priority in choosing a spouse for the next year at least. But if you are a person who takes the high school head teacher's statement that the university is free and serious, then you really have fun in the University, believe in not failing the exam, eat and drink all the way, watch variety shows, do part-time jobs, have no postgraduate entrance examination after graduation, no internship before graduation, no house, car, no registered permanent residence in greater Shanghai, and hold a salary that can't die of hunger and get rich, The problem faced by ordinary people in the legal profession market with "three noes" (no background, no high education, no registered permanent residence) is different from the exciting offer perspective. From the perspective of bystanders, it gives novice Xiaobai a chance to experience the ups and downs of urban small aluminum wire.

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