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God and devil s Yue is respected

God and devil s Yue is respected

God and devil s Yue is respected

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    God and devil s Yue is respected
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    The water is clear
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    Apple novel
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2022-04-15 21:03:20
She is the only girl in the alchemy family and the younger generation of Mu family, ranking ninth! He is not only gifted and intelligent, but also loved by thousands since he was a child influenced by the gratitude and resentment of the previous generation, he was not recognized by the family since childhood. Even though he has great talent, he still can't escape the vagrant life originally, two people who were different from each other came together due to an accident at her wedding scene, he came down from the sky with a son she asked: who are you? How dare you make trouble at my aunt's wedding he smiled and replied: Madam, do you like other men as the stronghold husband and are ready to abandon your husband and son Murong Yue looked dazed. This was not the first time they met it was still a big wedding, but the groom changed in the new house she said: brother, this face changing technique is comparable to cosmetic surgery he replied solemnly: anyway, you don't know anyone well. It's different who should be the stronghold husband this article is one-on-one. Novices are on the road. Please give me more advice!

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