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Big guys are building infrastructure in the stars

Big guys are building infrastructure in the stars

Big guys are building infrastructure in the stars

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    Big guys are building infrastructure in the stars
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    Faint and drunk
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    Pc Books
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2023-03-18 09:01:10
Yunqi dusk, a big man who is too strong in spirit and leads to physical collapse, but is very happy to enter the retirement life farming, fishing and making biscuits, I lived a happy life waiting for death however, she lived again and returned to the age of the power explosion in which the eight kings stood side by side and the Empire was not unified. She became a big noble, silly Miss Yun family. As soon as she woke up, she was put on the exile star and told her to live and die yunqimu said: I'm a big man and I'm not afraid black eats black, kicks violent animals, looks for babies in the garbage, and my little brother carries tea and water. Isn't it fragrant for such a comfortable salted fish to lie down for a small day however, the brain held the back of her fate and forced her to engage in construction as a result, a pure land named "Earth" was quietly added to the dirty and chaotic exile star Global Village slogan: have you ever thought of a good day with wine and meat? You can have it as long as you make a deal with the devil (warm tip: This is not a scam, this is definitely not a scam, missed blood loss!) after yunqimu patted the handwritten recruitment advertisement, he began the infrastructure operation of "Jingjing industry". He started a cabin, gradually expanded into a village, changed from village to town, from town to city, and finally extended to the whole planet since then, the good days of salted fish have gone forever, and there are more future overlords covered by bad luck around them, begging for nothing and rubbing against her the man's waist is well proportioned and thin, his skin is white and beautiful, and her dark and charming eyes fascinate her forget it, for his good looks, accept it PS: one-on-one, interstellar operation!