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North wind and cloud record

North wind and cloud record

North wind and cloud record

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    North wind and cloud record
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    Author 1eml1c
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    Happy Novel
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2023-01-24 19:13:00
a history of the wind and cloud in the north, in which there are golden and iron horses, temple disputes, brothers' blood, sibling confrontation, mountain hermits with tea fragrance and Qin rhyme, loyal iron and blood guards, beautiful princes in red, elegant harem women, bright princes step by step towards the golden dragon throne, and restrained generals stand proudly on the open border and snow field, The son in distress is rebellious and persistent. She sails on the water. The martial brother with wind temperament has changed... she has grown up grandly in this period of history. The eldest lady of the Yasukuni Prefecture is the apple of her parents' hearts. She has studied martial arts since childhood. She often causes trouble on her way home every year. She urinates and enjoys the reputation of "ferocity". In performing her duties at the border, under the strong uncle, she raised and lowered her rank, but it became a beautiful scenery in the barracks. The North suddenly changed. She immediately fired a horizontal gun. When her eyebrows were light, thousands of horses galloped and blood from all directions vowed to protect the north. The deep palace is full of flowers, but the clouds are treacherous. How will she choose? In her heart, what is the most important and where is her love big girl's main text, strive for three shifts a day.

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