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The school committee is eight minutes sweet today

The school committee is eight minutes sweet today

The school committee is eight minutes sweet today

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    The school committee is eight minutes sweet today
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    The wind blows early in the morning
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    Lava Novel
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2023-03-18 14:05:26
[1v1 · Shuangjie · vinegar king · sweetness super outline] talk about flying ruffians and handsome high cold school grass × The first time we met, Meng Xiao scared the little girl away when we met for the second time, Meng Xiao was handsome by riding a bicycle and made the little girl's school uniform full of dirty water on the third meeting, Meng Xiao fainted and collapsed in front of the little girl the nth time... · "what's wrong with taking a nickname? Little carrot head." "this classmate, I have to deduct points for taking a nickname for others at will." Bai Zhou stared at the young man who can kill a group of peach blossoms by blinking his peach blossom eyes, showing his discipline book in charge of the 'power of life and death' of the class Meng Xiao chuckled, took away the book in the girl's hand, lifted her chin, and forced her to look up at herself. Her peach eyes were slightly narrowed. "Do you deduct all the points... You can be positive with your negative number." Bai Zhou: "" what kind of lesson did you learn this · it's nothing more than the story of a coquettish big gray wolf in a high cold coat, all kinds of jealous and routine, and a little white rabbit that can show its teeth and run wild!

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