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Rebirth path

Rebirth path

Rebirth path

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    Rebirth path
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2023-05-25 23:38:33
Last life: Gu Zhiyan is a vase known in the whole city. There is gold and jade in the air, but her watch is simple and dull because of Feng's fate, regardless of her father's opposition, she walked step by step to the honey trap woven by Liang Wang. Waiting for her was not the Phoenix position below one person and above ten thousand people, but the overthrow of the whole family and a Nirvana ceremony prepared for her "Gu Zhiyan, if you are a husband and wife, you will give me a good life to guard the rivers and mountains. You will always be my queen." "come and send the queen nirvana to guard the kingdom of Jing." she looked at the cold and thin man's undisguised color of disgust and contempt in the fire, and then realized how stupid she had been living for so many years she laughed wildly and said, "Gao Qingyu, I'm waiting for you on the huangquan road. If you're a mouse in the afterlife, I'll be a cat. You'll never die well in the afterlife!" the Phoenix was reborn from nirvana, and what she saw when she opened her eyes was not huangquan Mingsi, but returned to the cardamom age in this life, she wants to save her family, rewrite her destiny, and let Gao Qingyu beg but not as the saying goes: the enemy of the enemy is the ally GU Zhiyan pushed the king of Chu against the wall, raised her eyebrows and said, "why don't we cooperate?"

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