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Wear it quickly: every world needs sugar

Wear it quickly: every world needs sugar

Wear it quickly: every world needs sugar

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    Wear it quickly: every world needs sugar
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    Na Xiang Ke AI
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    Canela books
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2023-01-13 16:48:00
Ask Suna what he is good at, that is, good memory as long as she has seen everything once, there is nothing she can't master as a new age girl with white skin, beautiful legs and proficient in 18 kinds of martial arts, Suna was killed by a thunderbolt before she could realize her ideal revenge Suna: the system looks at the approaching little girl and shivers in the corner: [madam, I'm also in an emergency... It's related to your missing memory.] Suna starts transmitting without saying a word. Isn't it just to collect energy and retrieve memory? Hurry up for the first time, she was sent to the underground warehouse and chased by a group of criminals. The handsome and unparalleled death boy saved her the second time, she sent it to the wedding site. After a disagreement, she began to escape marriage, and the exquisite and arrogant business boss took her away later... when I ran, I accidentally bumped into it and turned into a lamp God. I met it in the map when playing games and driving the moon car in mid air... I took the initiative or was raided all the way Suna: "this energy is too easy to collect." System: [I eat dog food a little.]

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