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The stars and the moon come for you

The stars and the moon come for you

The stars and the moon come for you

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    The stars and the moon come for you
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    Ten yuan
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    Only Novel
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2023-01-24 20:46:34
Three years ago, the despicable seed named Wei Yiqian was born because Dai Yunuo broke the ground and grew upward Dai Yunuo is the sunshine, the life, and the little rose worth holding in the palm of your hand and on the tip of your heart forever he respected her, admired her and loved her, but it was because of him that Dai Yunuo, a relegated fairy, was trampled under everyone's feet. Everyone came to insult her and spit on her. She had to give up her ideal, her future and her originally smooth life fortunately, fortunately, she hasn't given up herself for three years, he wore the stars and the moon and did not dare to slack off, just to stand beside her squarely in three years, she traveled mountains and rivers and dared not be slighted, just to not forget her sincere heart of a child after three years of parting, when we see each other again, we are not who we were then, the only constant, is Wei Yiqian's sincere love for Dai Yunuo, as always, wearing the stars and the moon, just for Dai Yunuo the essence is the cookie story of the younger brother of the big tail wolf in the new year and the beautiful sister in the new year~

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