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The power of rebirth pulls your heart

The power of rebirth pulls your heart

The power of rebirth pulls your heart

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    The power of rebirth pulls your heart
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    Writer lx2a5j
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2023-05-26 01:26:29
Von Yi was reborn in her previous life, Feng Yi was forced by her father to marry Zhao Mo, the aristocratic son of the government with disabled legs, but she was not reconciled. She only remembered her sweetheart sun anbai when she was young, and finally even didn't hesitate to leave for him. Before she died, she knew that everything was just a conspiracy. She was only a pawn in sun anbai's huge conspiracy from beginning to end, but it was too late to repent. After all, she destroyed her family and even killed that person. She failed too many people in this life, when Feng Yi returns from rebirth, the first thing to do is to make up for the debt he owed to that person in his previous life and compensate him for all the deep feelings he owed him last time.

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