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He is called affectionate

He is called affectionate

He is called affectionate

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    He is called affectionate
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    Wild fire Zhiqiu
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    Ethical Novel
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2022-11-24 17:04:51
Secretly hiding unspoken joy is also called secret love secret love is hard, even harder than Huanglian the process of secret love is also very sour, which is more sour than plum you can easily create layers of ripples in the heart lake just by looking at each other a glimpse of the golden age made the arrogant and uninhibited young man feel happy and willing to bow down to her on the desk in the children's room, there is a star shaped wishing bottle that is extremely precious in the bottle, there are colorful stars folded by him words are also left on each note the handwriting of teenagers is as ugly as spring worms and autumn snakes but the secret hidden in the text seems so short-lived -- the girl I like is excellent, so I must study hard and practice hard to have the courage to get closer to her -- her name is Jiang Xingyan. Because of her, I like all things about stars [two-way secret love / two-way rush / Inspirational / healing / sweet pet]

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