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Yan Kong s quick wear strategy

Yan Kong s quick wear strategy

Yan Kong s quick wear strategy

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    Yan Kong s quick wear strategy
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    Kiki doesn't eat fish
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    Garden Novel
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2022-01-18 23:05:50
Tan Yue was framed by her family and died miserably. She accidentally bound the system to a new world when she met the man, Tan Yue said disgustingly: bah, smelly man what surprised her even more was that after three generations, the male Lord was the same person. After setbacks, they had a good feeling for each other after the completion of the third life's task, the female master returned to the original world and the male master returned from rebirth. They worked together to teach the best relatives of the previous life, and thus opened a happy life of great show of love they are proud of the ancient martial arts world and occasionally travel to other worlds. They live a delicious life.