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A crazy year of foreign financial Xiaobai

A crazy year of foreign financial Xiaobai

A crazy year of foreign financial Xiaobai

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    A crazy year of foreign financial Xiaobai
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    The wind chases guests and the night is cold
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    Wine Novel
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2022-10-20 05:25:54
In February 2020, the epidemic was in power. There was a bleak scene of "cold human relations and few cars and horses" on the road. Alisa is Xiaobai who has been in the front line of a foreign bank for three years. She didn't expect to directly receive a call from the financial leader of this line. The team members are sick and have children. There is only one left. She wanders the Jianghu with her little secretary the big man appointed to carry the flag to save the market. Well, who is afraid of who, the situation makes heroes, and the little hero I make the situation. Then fight after the meeting, the cold faced and acerbic risk control adults won the friendly support of local first-class business tycoons. They broke through the world's frightened risk conference in a few shaky words of English. Finally, the performance indicators were red and people were happy. Looking forward to it, the new master of the team thought that a new chapter of heroic heroes would be staged who knows, you are an invincible poisonous tongue man in history well, since you are unkind first, don't blame me for being unjust. Let you be famous and infamous after the anti war, is it a tragedy or a new chapter? The headhunter's phone and the old owner's retention, whether to go or stay is the driving force of life's battle the pursuit of dreams, or is there no way to escape a crazy year for foreign financial Xiaobai. Go ahead with Alisa and never give up!

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