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Immortal devil s carefree human world

Immortal devil s carefree human world

Immortal devil s carefree human world

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    Immortal devil s carefree human world
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    Youyou mood
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    Mountain Book
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2022-12-04 19:23:08
On a snowy night, people are executed. Their hatred is as deep as the sea. There are few friends and relatives. They look for people and learn skills. They learn to go down the mountain and lead waves. The situation changes. They live in danger. Friends and confidants share weal and woe. The mysterious life experience adds melancholy and turns around like water gods, immortals, demons, demons, demons, immortals and demons are omnipotent. They come down to earth without knowing why. They have deep love, shallow love, deep love, and thousands of sails go through. Regardless of other gods and demons, my heart is also carefree Mo Qinglan: cold as ice, the heart is like a rock, like a plum and like a bamboo Yun Mengxi: cunning as a fox, thoughtful as a ghost and charming as well Yue Li Li: smart, hypocritical, poisonous and fickle, like a poppy and a snake Xuanyuan stream: gentle and delicate, like a stream and water yunmengxi / Yunxi: kind and lovely, sensitive but strong supporting roles: Chongming, xueruqing, baiyuhang, night worry free, etc.

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