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Princess Loulan and Jingjue ghost mother

Princess Loulan and Jingjue ghost mother

Princess Loulan and Jingjue ghost mother

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    Princess Loulan and Jingjue ghost mother
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    Author sz2obj
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    The One Book
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2022-06-30 06:14:55
Introduction this novel takes the western regions in the early Western Han Dynasty (about 1950s BC) as the background, skillfully combines the history of the western regions with the legends of the western regions, and describes the rise, decline, survival and death of these countries. It is a microcosm of the history of the western regions the story is about Feng Tianqi, a girl in class 2 of a middle school in w City. She is obsessed with history and looks like Loulan beauty. Everyone says that he is the reincarnation of Loulan beauty once, passing through the Taklimakan Desert, she climbed to the big sand dune to play, and the sand dune landslide buried her. She crossed to the ancient Loulan and became the long princess. In the Loulan country, she fought with the dwarf prime minister; Punish corrupt generals; Making gunpowder and Populus euphratica cannon. Make a three life contract with your long loved classmate, the monitor he also dreamed of her rival song Juan. The process of turning a fairy into a female demon head and a ghost mother. And in order to compete for the love of the monitor, they fought wits and bravery, and finally won the structure of the whole novel is like a string of sour and sweet ice sugar gourd. Taking the girl's secret love for the monitor as the main line, it strings up a series of western region stories, both independent and connected. According to the concept, knowledge and interest of middle school students, this paper describes the right and wrong, love and hatred in ancient times, and deduces a series of ironic but thought-provoking stories.